In blockbuster movies aliens are usually seen as the dangerous unknown. They represent a threat to humanity which must be stifled with the violence of war. But alongside battle scenarios, there are also numerous reports of flirting, romantic relationships and sexual encounters with extraterrestrials.

EXTRA aims to celebrate this exchange with the unknown and these possible connections with extraterrestrials through the medium of dance. The performers set up an exhibition consisting of sculptures that serve as stage, frame and support for their dances. Fragments of medieval folk dances and mating rituals from the animal kingdom are combined with movement sequences designed to attract the attention of aliens. What ensues are supernatural mating dances between the ancient and the contemporary, which ask how we construct the unknown body and what kind of movements these bodies would enable. Over the period of the durational format the dancers exhaust the material with the aim to convince extraterrestrials to join the dance.

Choreography/Set design: Julian Weber
Costume: Julian Weber, Judith Förster
Dance: Renen Itzhaki, Rachell Bo Clark, Marcell Proske, Judith Förster


Built with Berta.me

Julian Weber ©