FightClub is a series of events, where dancers, musicians and visual artists are invited to test out different formats of improvisation. Every time a certain chance-operation is involved which creates unexpected encounters. The plattform started in an off-space in Berlin Wedding and continued into different environments.

Epsiode #1

with Peter Pleyer, Jorge de Hoyos, Julian Weber, The House of ia, Inna Krasnoper, Maria Francesca Scaroni (was ill but still present), Asaf Aharonson, Brendan Dougherty, Hana Erdmann, Klaus Janek

Episode #3 on landscape

with An Kaler, Vladimir Miller, Maria Scaroni, Meg Stuart, Benjamin Tomasi, Julian Weber

Episode #4 - solo, duett, solo, duett, solo, duett, solo...

with Brendan Dougherty, Ezra Green, Annemareike Hess,
Carolina Mendonca, Angela Schubot, Claudia Tomasi,
Jeremy Wade, Julian Weber

because of technical-problems there are missing the last parts of jeremy and claudia.

FightClub - Episode #5 cutting space from Julian Weber on Vimeo.

with Yoshiko Chuma, Mor Demer, Joséphine Evrard, Ezra Green,
Tarren Johnson, Aline Landreau, Michael Shapira, Kat Valastur, Julian Weber

FightClub 44

with Hermann Heisig, Julian Weber, Lea Kiefer, Kiku, Maria Scaroni, Jule Fierl, Oliver Connew, Emma Daniel, Stuart Meyers, Vladimir, Jasminka Stenz, Emily Ranford, Rocio Marano, Thomas Proksch, Claire Sobottke, Jessy, Juan Gabriel Harcha, Dani Brown, Katharina Meves, Anna Nowicka, Marc Lohr, Tarren Johnson, Gael Cleinow


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