A Long Lasting Plié - exhibition: 27. October - 23. November 2019

For his three-week studio residency at Grimmusem, choreographer, dancer and visual artist Julian Weber continued working on Pleasure Sculpting, a research project that explores sexual stimulation as technology, as a creative and constructive force.

Together with invited performers Julian Weber creates ceramic sculptures under the influence of pleasure. The performers transmit their sensations directly into the wet clay, which is then burned and glazed and becomes permanent vessels for the fleeting sensations - long lasting pliés.
The term plié known from ballet-glossary, implies the act of folding or also to give in under pressure. In relation to Catherine Malabou's ideas around plasticity and in combination with principles of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), the boundaries between the stimulated and folded bodies of the performers and the clay start to blur.

Performers: Ronald Berger, Judith Förster, Merel Steenbrink, Andre Uerba, Julian Weber

Essay by Amelie Wedel



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