all inclusive - Premiere: 12.10.16 Tanzfabrik Uferstudios Berlin

Choreography/Set/Costume: Julian Weber

Dance: Annegret Schalke, Analaura Lozza, Ivo Serra,               Ewa Dziarnowska, Oliver Connew

Music: Stella Veloce

Costume: Michiel Keuper

Light: Martin Beeretz

Production: Andrea Keppler

Set-Assistance: Jonas Droste

In "all inclusive" Julian Weber explores the parallels and paradoxes of the manic-obsessive culture industry and enacts a wholesome, hyper-real holiday resort with a group of five dancers. His choreography deconstructs and reflects strategies of image production along with its logistics: practical working processes crash against sensual physicalities. The collision of images, bodies, and materialities produces ambiguous states between slow motion and fast action control. In a hybrid setting somewhere between choreographed scenography, oversized souvenirs, museal space, and holiday resorts, the audience itself becomes part of the polymorphic scenery.

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