In Allongé Julian Weber continues his interdisciplinary approach, based on an examination of Constantin Brânçusi’s sculptural work in collaboration with a ballet dancer and a pole dancer. Brânçusi’s oeuvre and his pioneering formal and contextual approaches serve as a starting point for the development of a stage set which is investigated for its performative and choreographic potential. Through the collision of the different disciplines and dance styles, both opposites and parallels of these techniques are examined, as well as a potential entanglement of the styles. Furthermore, “Allongé” explores the possibilities of emancipation from defined role models and subject/object attributions through a contemporary perspective on tradition and handicraft. Also on a musical level Evelyn Saylor follows in Brânçusi’s approach of formalizing, abstracting, and intertwining various genres, ranging from Brânçusi’s Eastern European folkloric influences to Western Classical music up to contemporary fragmented pop styles.

Choreography, Dance, Set design: Julian Weber
Dance: Shade Théret, György Jellinek
Music: Evelyn Saylor
Light: Annegret Schalke
Costume: Don Aretino
Production: Juan Gabriel Harcha
Funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Tanzfabrik Berlin

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