Invited by Basline
Hosted by Wehrmühle Biesenthal

Choreography, Dance, Materials: July Weber / Dance: Katrina Bastian Angelo Petracca / Music: Makita

With Alterego July Weber together with their team will translate and layer elements of former stage works into the context of a museum. Usually nothing can be lastingly changed in an art-institution, as the following productions need to find the space always in the same conditions. The dancers look at possibilities of impacting the architecture of the museum through bodies and imagination. Understanding the museum also as a body and a counterpart, the performers play with the poetic potential of its logistics. Investigating into different states of euphoria they analyze their physicality, gestures and group dynamics in order to make them useful for dance and choreography. Harvesting and surfing on each others energies the dancers explore different power-dynamics, moving between support, violence, sensuality and materiality, exposing a vulnerable and yet powerful physicality. While playfulness collides with formality, the dancers try to find a place of permeable independence, in which they are simultaneously receptive, sensitive and decisive towards the outer and their inner world.

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