Fotos by Fanni Udvarnoki


concept/dance/object: julian weber

music: martin hiendl

In HighWay a single figure, a lost tourist, a mountaineer is exposed in an empty museum searching for grip. The work deals with the impact of outer forces on the body and the capability of this body to translate them into autonomous material. The ropes that connect the figure to the surrounding architecture provide both support and restriction. The body, becoming and colliding with the space, is shifting between states of power and surrender, effort and rest, volume and flatness. By referencing traditional artistic craftsmanship the practice of imitation is addressed, but not only as an execution of tasks but also as a process of constructing subjectivity. In this construction the spectators have to position themselves constantly in order to handle the transforming space and thereby the audience becomes active material itself. While architecture, interior and frames are pulled out of their comfort zone, body-parts and sounds occasionally multiply and emancipate into the shifting space.

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