Installation, Performance: July Weber / Light, Sound, Performance: Emilio Checa Cordero

Illusions is an immersive installation of hanging sculptures, instruments and stage lighting by Emilio Checa Cordero and July Weber. Powered by wind machines, it creates a self-feeding system and a continuous floating sculptural concert.

The work „Illusions“ premiered during the Berlin Art Week
2023 at NEW FEARS Gallery. The floating installation is completely
autonom and runs by itself as wind machines, lights,
smoke machines and music are programmed in a loop.
Nevertheless, this loop creates a complex system of constant
change and produces ever new constellations. Metal sculptures
clink against each other, wind activates rotating electric
guitars, water drops hit amplified drums and are distorted by
All the sculptures are laser cutouts of aluminum plates, depicting
various physical related forms, such as body parts,
bones, razer-blades or organs. The installation plays with notions
of beauty and theatricality, while being inviting and repulsive
at the same time.
The audience can observe this moving and sounding solarsystem
from the outside, but also might step into the installation,
walk through it and interact with the objects, impacting
the movement and the resulting sounds.
Further, the artists July Weber and Emilio Checa Cordero activate
and expand the installation with performative interventions
of dancing and singing.

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Julian Weber ©