the bony labyrinth vol.2 at HAU, Berlin

Concept, setdesign, performance: Julian Weber
Performance: David Ryan Huggins, Olivia McGregor, Kahori Furukawa, Leyla Postalcioglu, Andre Uerba, Jorge Hoyos, Alejandro Karasik Music: iRuuu

Inspired by J. G. Ballard's 1973 novel “Crash”, the bony labyrinth vol.2 continues the exploration of an ambiguous relationship between human and material bodies. Over long duration and located in a public space the performers model a large amount of clay onto a car, which converts into an exhibition display. The clay is partly crafted into oversized bodyparts and human organs. Framed by the logistics of a film set, slowly a holistic sculpture grows, which tangles concrete historical craftsmanship-references, organic formations and contemporary elements. While the performers whisper academic texts explaining the human senses to the clay sculptures, the decelerated actions are framed and dramatized by theatrical effects such smoke and light. Sensitive microphones intensify the interactions between the various materialities, which are processed live by sound artist Iruuu? and create an amplified audio-haptic experience.

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Julian Weber ©