the bony labyrinth vol.3, at HVW8 Gallery

The Bony Labyrinth Trilogy is inspired by J.G. Ballards novel Crash and concerns the chance encounters of diverse bodies and materialities through the notion of collision. The third and last part centers around the production of human and other sculptural bodies and the exhibit of these bodies.

The Bony Labyrinth vol.3 interlinks setting, aesthetics and physical practices that are found in a sculpture studio, a reading room and an exhibition space. The excess of forms and relations from The Atelier Brancusi at Centre Pompidou serve as an important reference. Inspired by this approach, a condensed hybrid space is constructed, in which the process of artistic construction is exhibited from the beginning of production to presentation and documentation. This space envelops contrasting aspects of minimalism, extravagant baroque, and casual actions with sensual dances.

The Bony Labyrinth vol.3 reveals the performative aspects of producing sculptures - the dance of sculpting. Thereby a choreographed working space emerges, in which the existing elements are not clearly defined and can discharge from their normative attributions, constantly switching between object and subject definitions. Robots are invited to support this situation as non-human performers.
The space will continue for three days post the performance as an installation which keeps on transforming through the recorded sounds, the converting materials and the continuous moving robots.

Choreography, Scenography: Julian Weber
Dance: Maque Pereyra, Renen Itzhaki, Iv Shri
Music: I.Ruuu?

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Julian Weber ©