Who's that girl (La, la, la) – an archaeological field trip

In this work a multidimensional character goes with the audience on a field trip around the artificial mountain of Teufelsberg. A mountain of 120m and constructed of rubble and fragments of the destroyed Berlin after the second world war. During this trip the character is constantly and schizophrenically shifting between different agencies and interests, questioning their multiple occupations, roles and genders. Being a mother taking care of their alien-baby, a hunter, an animal, a tourist, an object, a storyteller, a child, an archaeologist, digging out futuristic artifacts and then suddenly a tour guide introducing the history of the environment, blurring facts and fiction. Hustling and dragging their equipment, tools and family-members through the rough scenery of Teufelsberg, they try to reach the top of mountain to get an overview and have a picnic.

Concept, Performance: Julian Weber

Invitation and Video-documentation: Camila Malenchini

Fotos: Joana Lucas


Built with Berta.me

Julian Weber ©